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cleaners phoenix az

What we do.

Here at Wicked Clean, we specialize in affordable and effective home cleaning services right here in Phoenix. With our extensive industry experience, we are dedicated to exceeding all your cleaning expectations. Contact us today for a complimentary quote. We look forward to hearing from you and making your home in Phoenix shine

room cleaning service
phoenix az cleaning company
customized cleaning phoenix az

Tailored to meet your specific needs by creating a customizable plan that fits your budget and works best for your space. Cleaning Phoenix properties is what we love.

full house cleaning phoenix az

Complete top-to-bottom cleaning of your entire home. All rooms and surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned for maximum efficiency and satisfaction.

move out cleaning phoenix az

Perfect for when you’re moving out of a space. We will make sure everything is clean and organized so you can move on with ease.

construction cleanups phoenix az

After construction projects, we can make sure that the area is appropriately cleaned up, restoring it to its original condition.

office cleaning phoenix az

Keep your office space looking and feeling professional with our deep cleaning service. We will also make sure that high-touch surfaces are sanitized to keep everyone safe.

deep cleaning phoenix az

Our most thorough cleaning service. We take extra steps to make sure that your home is spotless from top to bottom.


cleaners in phoenix az

Experience Cleaning Bliss with Wicked Clean

Our revolutionary cleaning service uses cutting-edge technology and advanced cleaning solutions to make your home look sparkling clean – quickly and with less effort. From basic dusting and mopping to deep cleaning of your carpets and floors, Wicked Clean takes the hassle out of housecleaning, office cleaning, and everything in between, and helps you reclaim your time and energy. Experience the convenience of a worry-free clean without ever lifting a finger – with Wicked Clean!


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